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Organic Fertilizer Equipment

  • Trough Turning Machine

    Contact NowTrough Turning MachineThe main equipment for the production of organic fertilizer fermentation, the fermentation of geosyncline or pool type structure, can be designed into a multi slot form, greatly reducing the equipment investment. Turning work can be divided into the spiral stirring cage and two drum type, with...Read More

  • windrow turner for sale Sealed Windrow Turner

    Contact Nowwindrow turner for sale Sealed Windrow TurnerBy actuator, lifting device, walking device, turns heaps device, main parts, such as transfer car are fast turns heaps, stir well, can make a good contact with raw material and air, achieve the best effect of fermentation, apply to geosyncline type fermentation. The machine design and scientific...Read More

  • Semi Wet Material Crusher

    Contact NowSemi Wet Material CrusherThe machine of biological fermentation of organic fertilizer material moisture allowed value to reach 25-50%, particle size required to achieve granulation. Everything can be based on user needs: grinding degree adjusts within a certain range. Glass, ceramics, brick, stone and other hard...Read More

  • Organic Fertilizer Cooler

    Contact NowOrganic Fertilizer CoolerThe cooling machine for fertilizer production, cooling a certain temperature and particle size of the fertilizer, and supporting the use of the dryer, can greatly improve the cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, improve quality, further removal of part of the water and reduce fertilizer grain...Read More

  • dry machine for sale Organic Fertilizer Drying Machine

    Contact Nowdry machine for sale Organic Fertilizer Drying MachineRotary dryer is mixed of main equipment of fertilizer production, the edge of the rotation of the cylinder, the flange connection, method of direct heat transfer, mixed for granulation of drying fertilizer or raw materials, the inside of the cylinder using the copy board special structure form,...Read More

  • organic fertilizer granulation machine Organic Fertilizer Granulator

    Contact Noworganic fertilizer granulation machine Organic Fertilizer GranulatorThe machine, with fresh chicken, pig, cow manure, organic matter, city garbage and sewage sludge as raw materials, does not contain any chemical composition. And chicken together with pig digestive ability is poor,: they can consume 25% of nutrients, and other nutrients in the feed reach to 75%...Read More

  • types of lifting machine Bucket Type Lifting Machine

    Contact Nowtypes of lifting machine Bucket Type Lifting MachineTransport all kinds of powder and granular materials. Can move in any direction, dip in the desired range adjustment.Read More

  • screw conveyors for sale Screw Conveyor

    Contact Nowscrew conveyors for sale Screw ConveyorA series screw conveyor is a kind of circular section closed shell, conveying equipment for continuous pushmaterial by rotating spiral blade. Main features: the advantages of compact structure, small cross sectional area, light weight, good sealing performance, high transmission efficiency,...Read More

  • Chain-plate Turner

    Contact NowChain-plate TurnerMechanical configuration and high pressure oxygen to mandatory system, can use the bottom materials uniform oxygen to oxygen, fermentation. Fermentation pool side fixed sliding contact copper cable, with safe, reliable and durable. This equipment is the biggest advantage of pile thoroughly,...Read More

  • vibrating screens for sale Vibrating Screen

    Contact Nowvibrating screens for sale Vibrating ScreenVibrating screen is to use the vibrator excitation generated by the reciprocating screw type vibration and work. Stator rotating hammer on that plane whirl vibration sieve surface, while the rotating hammer make cone rotary vibration sieve surface, the effect of the combined complex type rotary...Read More

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